My role
Lead designer
Increase in user engagement


2 weeks
How might we expand the loyalty program to all Sezzle users?
The initial workings of a loyalty program were already developed. We needed to design the UI for a working system.
use cases
Apply the loyalty points at checkout.
One of the use cases was to allow users to apply the loyalty points that they have accumulated at checkout. This way they can get a discount on their current order.
Access Sezzle Spend from the accounts page.
Another use case was to ensure that the users can access information on Sezzle Spend through the accounts page. This section showed them how many points they have earned and the history of where they used their points.
Apply promo codes.
The marketing team wanted to highlight promo codes that can be applied at checkout using Sezzle Spend.
1. Collaboration matters
Working closely with the marketing team helped me in understanding what the requirements were. I was able to better communicate the use cases to the developers since I had a good understanding from the marketing team.

2. Designing for use cases
This project had a lot of use cases to design for- error screens, invalid promo codes, etc. Designing for all of the use cases ensured a smoother experience for the users.

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